Let’s be honest…It’s really stressful to be constantly preoccupied with how your body looks. The media and peer pressure don’t make it any easier. Constant calorie restriction is tiring and unsustainable, and yo-yo dieting is more harmful than it is good, definitely taking its toll on both physical and mental health.

I’m Naazneen Khan. 

My commitment to you is to empower you to shift your relationship with food, to create long-term goals, and make it possible to ditch the ‘diet mentality’ and the guilt that is associated with it.

There is no one-size-fits-all as I am passionate about personalising the hard science about nutrition into practical advice, to help you make informed decisions about your food and lifestyle.

It is an absolute privilege to be your partner in your journey of transformation… one bite at a time


How can we help you?

Weight Loss / Management

I specialise in healthy, realistic and sustainable weight loss goals, using a highly personalised weight loss counselling approach to maximise the chances of success. My signature meal plans are specifically designed to provide guidance and eliminate guesswork. They also provide structure to daily eating habits, eliminating impulsive behaviour. In addition, the meal plans are based on your specific goals, food preferences, sensitivities, lifestyle, cultural and religious restrictions, and of course, your budget.

Disease Prevention & Management

Scientific evidence helps me provide the sound platform to manage diseases of lifestyle, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and certain cancers. In addition to general healthy eating principles to address disease prevention, the cornerstone of my intervention is regular monitoring and personalised adaptation to the ever – changing conditions

Female Hormone Balancing

I hear all the time from female patients, that their hormones are out of whack. What we eat has an enormous impact on many hormonal systems and aspects of our health. Ultimately food can be considered as a cocktail of “hormones’ and as such I use the correct combinations to promote health or manage specific female areas of concerns such as:
management of PCOS
* Oestrogen dominance
* Thyroid
* Menopause
* Menstrual cycle hormones

Digestive Health

With the rise of food allergies, sensitivities and conditions like IBS, it has become absolutely important to understand fact from fiction, and so, to make sure you are choosing nutritionally complete and adequate foods while potentially excluding some food groups.
At last, you can reduce many unpleasant digestive symptoms and improve your overall digestive health with my strategically designed advice to manage:

* IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* IBD – Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis
* Constipation
* GERD, acid reflux

Paediatric Nutrition

Never before has there been so much emphasis put on the nutrition of a child. As early as when baby is conceived, my forte lies in the importance of nutrition in the first 1000 days!
We know now that these 1st 1000 days sets the blueprint for your child’s health across all the different life-stages, right up to old age. Let me help you establish the best foundation for your little ones.
Having completed several certificates in paediatric nutrition, I absolutely revel in being able to help with:
* Ante natal nutrition
* Providing general healthy eating advice
* Prepare a long term plan for healthy growth and development
* Educating kids and teens how much food someone of their size, age, and gender needs to eat to be healthy
* Helping to manage various dietary conditions (food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances)
* Tips and strategies for dealing with picky eaters
* Guidance in transition to solids

Good Mood Food

There is huge evidence building that links what you eat with the development, progression and management of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and even bipolar disorder.
Let’s face it! Our current lifestyles have thrown us into the depths of pressure and feelings of being unable to cope.
The good news is that specific adjustments to your eating habits and changes to your gut microbiome, can help remedy and in some cases, reverse mental health challenges.
I have a good feeling about this!

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The Ramadan Cook Book Vol.2Coming Soon


Whether you're looking for breakfast ideas, satisfying main dishes, or sweet treats, this cookbook has something for everyone. With each recipe, you'll find information on the nutritional content, including the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as the number of calories per serving. This will help you make informed decisions about what to eat and how much to serve.

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